Availability of the medicinal plants

Here is a non-comprehensive list of the main medicinal plants that we can provide
(English name followed by the botanical name):

  • Angelica root (Radix angelicae)
  • Black current leaf (Folia ribes nigri)
  • black elder flower (Flores sambuci nigri)
  • Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus)
  • Burdock root (Radix bardanae)
  • California poppy herb (Herba eschschotzia Californica)
  • Camomile flower german (Flores chamomillae vulgaris)
  • Camomile flower roman (Flores chamomillae romanae)
  • Combret leaf (Folia combreti)
  • Cornflower/petal (Flores cyani cum cal/sine cal)
  • Dandelion leaf/root (Folia/radix taraxaci)
  • Devil’s Claw root (Radix harpagophyti)
  • Fetid Horehound herb (Herba ballota nigrae)
  • Flea seed (Semen psyllii nigri)
  • Fumitory herb (Herba fumariae)
  • Galega herb (Herba galegae)
  • Gentian root (Radix gentianae)
  • Ginseng root (Radix ginseng)
  • Grappes leaf red (Folia vitis vinifera)
  • Grindelia Herb (Herba grindeliae)
  • Guarana seed (Semen guaranae)
  • Hawthorn flower/top (Flores/summitates crataegi)
  • Hedge mustord herb (Herba erysimi)
  • Horse chesnut (Fructus hippocastani)
  • Lavender flower (Flores lavanduae augustifoliae)
  • Lemon balm leaf/herb (Folia/herba melissae)
  • Lemon verbena leaf (Folia vernenae odoratae)
  • Linden flower-lime blossom (Flores tiliae)
  • Passion herb (Herba passiflorae)
  • Peppermint leaf (Folia menthae piperitae)
  • Rose flower/petal/bud (Flores rosae)
  • Rudbecki Root/Herb (Radix/herba echinacae angustifoliae)
  • Saint johnswort herb (Herba hyperici)
  • Staranise seed (Semen illicium verum)
  • Valerian root (Radix valerianae)
  • Witch hazel bark/leaf (Cortex/folia hamamelidi)


Most of our medicinal plants are produced in France, in collaboration with specialised producers or groups of producers, whose expertise in this matter is recognised.

An on-demand service

We can send our customers a  sample of the product before the dispatch of goods to ensure that we fully satsify their expectations.

The greatest part of our products are sold in their original packaging; however, specific packaging can be arranged upon request.

Our shipping conditions are flexible and can be modified to best suit the customer’s wishes.

Feel free to contact us for more information, a quote or a specific request.

  • Packaging original/specific upon request
  • Origin France/World