Alp’erbo is one of the most important companies for lavender and lavandin bunches wholesale. These have been our best selling products for more than 20 years.

The trade of dried flowers is a bit different than the trade of usual herbal products, both in terms of the market and its actors. Harvesting and preparing the bunches are entirely handmade craft activities.

Nevertheless we strive for strengthening our customers loyalty with regard to these products by ensuring a quality follow-up of the bunches.


The difference between lavender and lavandin bunches are:

  • Lavender bunches are dark blue and never more than 30/32 cm in length
  • Lavandin bunches are lighter blue and the stems are generally 40/45 cm in length
Bunches quality standards

We are able to offer the following quality standards:

  • Lavender “Superblue” 40 grams (about 25-30 cm in length)
  • Lavender “Superblue” 80 grams (about 30 cm in length)
  • Lavander ”Blue” 80 grams (about 30 cm in length)
  • Lavandin “Blue” 100 grams (about 40 cm in length)

We have thousands of pieces of each of our standard products in stock. We work with a dozen trusted lavender growers in Haute-Provence, with whom we have a long-standing relationship.

The year’s crop is usually available in August, but we do keep bunches from the previous year in stock.


An on-demand service

We can send our customers a  sample of the product before the dispatch of goods to ensure that we fully satsify their expectations.

The greatest part of our products are sold in their original packaging; however, specific packaging can be arranged upon request.

Our shipping conditions are flexible and can be modified to best suit the customer’s wishes.

Feel free to contact us for more information, a quote or a specific request.

  • Packaging from a 50 bunches box to one or several pallets
  • Origin Haute-Provence