Alp’erbo is a company specialised in wholesale trade for medicinal herbal products (aromatic and medicinal herbs), spices and essential oils.


Alp’erbo was created in April 1992. Its manager, Gérard Onic, has been active in the sector for more than thirty years and has always asserted and excercised his choice to work in close relationship with the farmers and their products.

Medicinal herbal products

Alp’erbo offers numerous species of plants, most of them of French origin. Thanks to our partners worldwide we can also provide you with most of the common or rare species of plants within a few days to a few weeks, depending on the cases. Our esential oils are guaranteed 100% pure and natural.

Alp’erbo ranks among the three major wholesale companies for lavender and lavandin flowers and bunches. The sale of these products (as trimmed flowers, bunches or essential oil), accounts for an important part of our activity.

Among our other products are linden from the Baronnies region in Drôme Provençale in the South of France, gentian, Roman camomile, thyme and more recently, black psyllium.

Organic agriculture

Most of the aromatic and medicinal plants that we sell come from conventional farming. Yet the sale of organic plants and essential oils is also part of our activity. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requests.

Geographical situation

Established in Manosque (in the Haute-Provence region), Alp’erbo is set up at the heart of the production area.
but Alp’erbo is also open to the richness of the World thanks to its location near the port of Marseille.

Wholesale, packaging and shipping

The greatest part of our products are sold in their original packaging; however, specific packaging can be arranged upon request.
Our shipping conditions are flexible and can be modified to best suit the customer’s wishes.
Feel free to contact us for more information.